Pre- and Post-Publication Itineraries of the Contemporary Novel in English



Guignery Vanessa and François Gallix, eds. Pre- and Post-Publication Itineraries of the Contemporary Novel in English. Paris: Éditions Publibook Université, 2007. 352p. ISBN 978-2-7483-3510-1. 40 euros

The articles in this volume follow the itineraries or trajectories of the contemporary novel in English, looking thoroughly into the study of the creation of a book, and more particularly the various steps of its elaboration, from the writing process with its succession of drafts and rewritings, the making-of, the conception of the book itself, the relationship with publishers and agents, to the final exploitation by mass-media, the reading of the book, the phenomenon of literary awards, translations, film and television adaptations. The novels analysed range from the early twentieth century to early twenty-first century, and belong to both British and post-colonial or new literatures from South-Africa, Canada and India. The volume includes lectures by and debates with British writer David Lodge and South African author André Brink.


Table of contents

Introduction: The infinite journey of books, by Vanessa GUIGNERY

Modern and Contemporary British Fiction
The Voyage Out de Virginia Woolf: l'odyssée de la traversée ou l'apprentissage de l'écriture romanesque, par Monica GIRARD

Can a diary ever take the place of a novel? The Journals by John Fowles, by Elena VON KASSEL

Untangling the intertwined threads of fiction and reality in The Porcupine (1992) by Julian Barnes, by Vanessa GUIGNERY

La possibilité d'une plage: The Beach d'Alex Garland, par Paul VEYRET

Sex, li(n)es and lineage: the winning cocktail for the 2004 Man Booker, The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst, par Georges LETISSIER

David Lodge
De l'écrit à l'écran: Nice Work de David Lodge, par Sophie GABEREL-PAYEN

An exhilarating disturbance of narrative models: Small World by David Lodge as a precursor of the novel gone globalized, by Christian GUTLEBEN

Author, Author by David Lodge and The Year of Henry James, by François GALLIX

A Mixed Blessing: A Writer's View of Literary Prizes, by David LODGE

Conversation with David Lodge

Canadian literature and postcolonial issues
Beyond the Nation: the Impact of Yann Martel's Booker Prize in Canada, by Christine LORRE

Relations éditeurs / auteurs: évolution et perspectives dans le contexte de l'industrie du livre canadienne, par Christine EVAIN

International marketing of Canadian-authored books in relation to Commonwealth literary prizes, by Christine EVAIN

The centre reaches far and wide: postcolonial literatures in English and the modes of cultural production, by Jesús VARELA-ZAPATA

André Brink
André Brink, under the sign of dialogue, by Mélanie JOSEPH-VILAIN

Relations auteur traducteur: A Chain of Voices (Un Turbulent silence) d'André Brink, par Jean GUILOINEAU

The itinerary of a book in the English language, by André BRINK

La littérature sud-africaine pendant et après l'Apartheid: table ronde avec André Brink, Denise Coussy, Jean Guiloineau et Mélanie Joseph-Vilain

Brief conversation with André Brink

Literary prizes and children's literature
Literary prizes, literary categories and children's literature in the 1990s-2000s, by Claire SQUIRES

The curious phenomenon of the award-winning novels: the case of Mark Haddon, by Monica GIRARD

Children's Literary Prizes and Awards: History, Selection Criteria and Jurys, by Carole MULLIEZ



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